About Us


Covenant Television Network (CTN) is a global upcoming Christian Faith television channel with a worldwide reach through its online channel.  CTN offers 24 hours of faith and inspirational programming that appeal to the Christian community all over Kenya and the Diaspora.

Founded in Kenya in January 2016, CTN is a leader in Christian entertainment programming and one of the largest independent Christian media company in Kenya. Currently, it reaches over 30 Counties in Kenya on Cable and millions of viewers over Internet. It aims at covering the whole of Kenya by the year 2017.

CTN TV’s schedule features elements of the Christian entertainment and leaders from different countries and denominations spectrum to cater to the needs of the whole family. Programming includes children, youth, women, men, and family, inspirational and educational shows that inspire the audience to live a Christian life.

Our Vision

Teach, preach and equip people with word of God for total transformation

Our Mission

To create a world with decent conversations


Biblical values
We choose to build our value system upon Biblical values.

We aim for high quality yet entertaining material.

To be Informative, factual, objective and truthful, presenting the region and its people to the world.

Pride and vanity are the unfortunate drivers of entertainment at CTN we will point to God for all success.